is continuously operating business for driving aluminium & glass materials for surving diversity of customers requirements.

1994 : Established S-ONE ALUMINIUM CO.,LTD. on 21 March 1994 selling for aluminium profiles, basic glass, accessories and related products for doors & windows. And it has been changed to S-ONE SUPPLIES CO.,LTD later on.

1999 : Establised S-ONE ALUMINUM 1999 CO.,LTD., thereafter changed to S-ONE COMPLETE CO.,LTD. providing services for installation of doors & windows on lowrise and highrise buildings.

2003 : S-ONE SUPPLIES has been accredited ISO 9000 by United Registra (Thailand) on 31 October 2003

2004 : Built new warhouses at Ramindra 115 road with more than 4000 square meter of storage area for coping with the hike of demand.

2006 : Built glass processing factory by using high technology of glass machinery such as CNC cutting, polishing, beveling, sandblasting machines.

2007 : S-ONE COMPLETE built up new factory for fabrication of doors and windows in order to increase company capability.

2009 : Established VNS ALUMINUM WORKS CO.,LTD., providing services of powder coating on aluminium and iron substrate. And later on the name has been changed to S-ONE CREATION CO.,LTD. With capacity of 500 tons a month.

2016 : Expanded S-ONE COMPLETE capability by building 2'nd frabrication factory aiming at highrise building at Nongchok area. The factory was equiped with high technology machinery and equipments.